OK, just what is going on in the world?
On September 11, 2001, I was hearing about the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center on the radio as I drove to school.  When I fully understood that this was an intentional act of violence, my first thought was, "I can’t believe Bush would stoop this low to further his agenda."
In retrospect, I don’t think that Bush had a direct involvement in the planning and execution of the events of that day, but I do believe that he was directly involved in it’s being allowed to happen.
Yes, I think it was allowed to happen.  I think that direction was given from the presidential administration level to ignore just enough of the intelligence and other indicators at the time so that some kind of major event would take place.  I believe that allowing such an event was a calculated political move on Bush’s part to bolster support for some of the things that he planned on doing with his foreign policy.  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he did not realize the event would have such a large scope – i.e. that so many people would die or be directly affected by the tragedy.
I think the recent bombings in London are a more controlled repeat of that.  I think 9/11 was a bigger event than Bush thought he wanted, but it served its purpose for him.  London was more controlled, so the scope of the tragedy was smaller.
So what’s next on the agenda?  A friend of mine sent me an essay by a retired Ranger who holds a Ph.D.  The essay described the differences among the sheep, the sheepdogs that protect them, and the wolves that eat them.  I think that Bush is a wolf masquerading as a sheepdog.  And when the other sheepdogs figure that out, heaven help him.
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