To Do Lists

Well, after nearly a year of being behind and buried by my To Do List at work, I’m finally back where I used to be.  In just a couple of hours I managed to go through my entire to do list and take care of everything that was waiting for me.
Now to tackle the special projects.  But that’s on hold until tomorrow.  Training today.  We’re learning how to do our own online human resources stuff.  Submitting training forms, vacation requests, absentee reports, all that cool stuff electronically and getting rid of some paper.
My job has been nearly paperless for three or four years now, but I’m the only one in the company so far except for accounting – and even they get time cards submitted on paper.  Even my boss can’t go as paperless as I have, and forget about safety or production.  The maintenance department seems to be moving that way.  Now the HR department is moving there.  It’s only a matter of time I hope.
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