New Level Of Practice

Well, I have offically entered a new level to my practicing.  I have started practicing twice a day now.  I am trying to get up early enough to go through a quick 15 minute practice in before Olivia wakes up and I’m doing another one at night after I get her into bed.  The stuff Scott has me working on right now can be played with muted strings so I don’t have to find a room to hide in, I can just do it in the living room and not worry about the sound attracting too much unwanted attention.
I’m focusing a little too much on Scott’s stuff right now though.  I know that’ll sound strange, but my whole guitar playing world does not revolve around classical style.  I’m so excited about what he is teaching me that I’m a little obsessed with it.  This is good for getting it going, but I’m neglecting my electric too much.  I think if I can get myself started on the Path and the Mel Bay book, using Jamie’s study guide, that I will be able to get excited about that, too.  Then I’ll be more motivated to work on both.
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