End Of Phase I

Well, I have offically "graduated" from Phase I of Scott Kritzer’s eLearning classical guitar course.  I can say that the foundation of my technique is much better than it was before, but I haven’t yet set about integrating that foundation into my repertoire.  That’s what Phase II is for, I’m told.  Hopefully I’ll be ready to start Phase II soon after the new year.  Scott has given me some "Post Phase I" instructions and I’m a little behind in following them.  But, after about three weeks of no guitar, I’m practicing again.  I’ve gone four days in a row now.
I ordered a book of Christmas songs written for beginner level solo guitar.  I’m hoping it will arrive by tomorrow, and then maybe I’ll be able to play some Christmas songs for the family stuff this weekend. 😀
Every year Lisa’s family picks a weekend before Christmas to have a family get-together in Nevada.  This Saturday is the day this year.  It’s always a lot of fun and we play a little game where everyone that comes brings a gift to exchange.  Then, one at a time, each person takes a gift from the pile and opens it.  We go in order around the room and when it is your turn, you can choose to ‘steal’ a gift from another person, or you can choose a gift that hasn’t been opened yet.  If a gift is ‘stolen’ from you, you can ‘steal’ from someone else (no ‘take-backs’!) or open another gift.  A gift can only be ‘stolen’ three times – after that it is ‘frozen’ and cannot change hands again.  It usually lasts for a couple of hours at least (we’ve grown to be a pretty big tribe) and it’s fun for the kids and the adults alike.
Lisa and continued a new family tradition that we started two years ago.  This is the third year in a row that we’ve used a week of time share time to stay in St. George for a week.  Last year we went to a live Nativity play that is put on at the Tuacan Amphitheatre.  We did that again this year and decided that this is definitely a family tradition we’d like to continue for as long as they will keep doing it.  The admission is free and they have it two nights a week, so the price is right. 😀
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