Future Me

I just came across a story on iwon.com about this website called http://www.futureme.org.  The site is a place where you can send an email to your future self, any where from 1 year to 30+ years into the future.  Sounded like fun, so I did one.  But I forgot some things so I did another.  I ended up with four of them.  Two set to deliver in 2016, one in 2007 and the last one in 2010 (Charlie should graduate high school that year).
I picked up a book of Christmas songs written for solo guitar last Friday that is supposed to be at the beginner level.  I guess I’m not quite that good yet because it was all I could do to figure out the first three or four chords on any of them.  That’s only one or two measures at most.  Reading traditional notation for the guitar is still such an elusive skill for me, but then I’ve only been attempting it for a couple of months now, and not very actively since Scott’s phase I does not deal with any music reading.
I did bring my guitar with me out of town this weekend and it was nice to spend a few minutes Friday night and Saturday afternoon with it.  I’m glad Lisa doesn’t complain about the monotonous repetition of what I’m practicing right now.  It must drive her nuts sometimes to hear those scale bursts so many times in a row.  But she really seems to understand how much I enjoy what this is leading to and I’m glad I have her with me.  Wouldn’t know what to do without her, to be honest.
Until next time, keep having fun. 😀
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