I want Book TV

This last weekend, we spent Friday and Saturday nights at one of the Worldmark timeshares in Las Vegas.  The cable system there (infintely better than ours in Enoch) had C-SPAN 2 as one of it’s choices.  Sunday morning (ironically – or maybe they meant to do that?) it seemed that they were devoting the day to re-runs of a program called Book TV.  I want this channel now.  The individuals they had on this show that day were truly my kind of thinkers.
The two shows that we saw were both the same kind of format.  The author of the book gave a roughly one hour informative speech elaborating on the central idea or theme of his book, and this was followed by a brief Q&A session.  The two books discussed were "The Flight of the Creative Class" and "The End of Faith".  Both books presented a simlar theme, in that they both discussed definite problems in religion as it exists in modern society and its role in preventing true scientific thought.  Ok, that’s not right, but it’s as close as my limited vocabulary will let me get without going into way too much detail.
After the shows, I had an overwhelming desire to own these two books.  Since it is Christmas time, I really don’t have the money to spend on these books right now, but I was curious and started looking for them on Amazon.  I found the "End of Faith" first.  The speech and Q&A this author gave was hosted by a woman named Susan Jacoby.  I remembered it for some reason, don’t ask my why because I don’t know.  When I found the book on Amazon, it was offered as a bundle with a book written by Jacoby titled "Freethinkers : A History of American Secularism".  In the excerpt from that book I read online, she quoted a written work by the American revolutionary patriot Ethan Allen and I just had to share this one quote in particular with the world.
"…while we are under the tyranny of Priests…it will be in their interest, to invalidate the law of nature and reason, in order to establish systems incompatible therewith."
Think about that for a while and then see why a political leader should not be ruled by his religion, but instead by reason and free thought.
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