Future Thoughts

Lisa is now the student services director for the local applied technology college (ATC). This campus is basically an extension campus for the Utah College of Applied Technology (UCAT) and is very new. I didn’t know just how new until last night. Lisa has been stressing about an up-coming awards ceremony that she has been put in charge of. Last night, as I was driving to the ceremony with her to help her out with the refreshments I found out this is the first ever awards ceremony this campus has held. 

Naturally, since Lisa was in charge, it went off without any noticable hiccups and the key speaker gave a fantastic speech about finding your place in the world. He talked about the work-a-day world in general, but the comments were excellent. I wish I had taken notes or recorded it, but he talked about not settling into the role of "just another employee" and to continually strive not only to do the best job you can do with whatever task you are given, but also to keep your mind on service to the community in general. That made me think of you folks here.

Anyway, I’m still working towards teaching a beginning guitar class at this school next fall. I’m not doing a very good job of working towards it, but I am keeping it in mind and doing little things here and there. The biggest obstacle I expect to have will be my own mental preparedness, but that is what I’m working on most.

So I was helping Lisa and watching and listening and I kept thinking about what I could contribute to the ceremony if I was teaching a guitar class. I kept picturing guitar students set up in a corner playing background music and stuff like that. I thought of a lot of stuff that would not be appropriate for an awards ceremony, but would be great at a recital type of setting.

The ceremony took place in a building called the Heritage Center. The first floor of the Heritage Center is mostly occupied by a large performance theater. I have not been inside the theater, but Lisa says it is lovely. Last night’s event took place on the 2nd floor, where there are several smaller gathering rooms and conference rooms that are all wired for sound and the building also hosts a wireless network for internet access. This was the first time I ever set foot inside the building since it was built a couple of years ago. The possibilities made me want to teach guitar all the more.

Every year, the local Presbyterian church holds a rummage sale. My boss’s boss is a member of the congregation, and his wife, Diana, and Lisa have known each other through various community and civic groups for more than 10 years. Diana always works the rummage sale and she has, in the past, been directly involved with the Cedar City Music Arts (CCMA) committee. At the last rummage sale; late last summer, I think; there were several posters advertising the season schedule for the CCMA and I was noticing that the only guitar performance (out of ten performances scheduled) was a jazz ensemble. Actually I don’t know for a fact that they had a guitar player, I’m just assuming because I don’t think I’d much enjoy a jazz ensemble that didn’t have a guitar player, you know? So I started giving Diana a hard time about not having any guitarists on the schedule. She agreed that would be a good idea and she would pass it on to the appropriate people.

Ever since then I’ve been wondering in my head what it would take to get Scott here for a performance as part of the CCMA schedule, or even as a stand alone event, if I could find someone else able to sponsor it (I want to approach Scott on this when I feel like it is possible enough to warrant his time discussing).

As the discussions of the upcoming CGI event in Portland have intensified, I’ve been thinking how cool it would be to add some king of workshop to the concert event, if possible. I knew that I would want to use the Heritage Center for the performance. I figured the local guitar store would be a good place to host the workshop as they have a space large enough for that sort of thing. Or, failing that option, there are meeting rooms at the university that would do well.

Last night, walking through the Heritage Center for the first time, I could almost picture in my mind using that facility for everything.

Now I just need to figure out how to get the ball rolling….

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