“A Friendly Kick-In_The_Ass”

Well, I’ve been slacking.  I’ll admit it.  For about a month now I’ve been so mentally exhausted that, not only have I been neglecting my guitar practice, but I’ve been a little off at work as well.  I’ve been behind at work for several months now, but in May it just got a lot worse.
I took the week of Memorial Day off from work and spent it in Kanab – sort of.  I went to Kanab Sunday, but had to come back Monday night to attend a meeting on Tuesday.  Wednesday I spent all morning replacing the sillcock on the front of my house, then got a late start back to Kanab that evening.  But on Thursday I had to come back to Cedar to take care of Olivia while Lisa was in class Thursday night.  I brought Olivia back to Kanab with me on Friday and stayed that time until Sunday afternoon.
The rest really did me some good, though.  I woke up late Monday morning, but did practice Sunday morning in Kanab and then woke up ready to play Tuesday morning with a fresh, new optimism.  That day I emailed Scott, promising to send him a video as soon as I had a handle on the current lesson (which was almost a month old by then).  He replied with a "friendly kick-in-the-ass" and challenged me to practice no less than 5 days in a row, even if it’s only for 15-20 minutes each day.  He told me to continue 5 days a week minimum until it becomes a habit.
It was a habit last winter.  I would get up early and practice for 15-45 minutes each morning before waking up Lisa and the kids, and it was great for progressing.  Now I’ve gone four days in a row and I can honestly say that it is helping.  I’m really glad I have Scott for a teacher.  He’s the best thing to happen to my playing since I found Jamie Andreas and the Guitar Principles website.
Actually, as great as Jamie’s book is, Scott’s better.  There is no substitute for quality instruction.
I’m still having trouble staying awake at work, but at least I’m back on track with my guitar practice.  I’ve started working on the second Segovia Scale this week.  It’s kicking my ass because I’m not seeing the pattern on the fretboard yet.  I don’t know what’s blocking my perception, but something is.  It’s a three octave pattern that goes up in A major and comes back down in A minor, so it sounds odd to my ear.  Coming back down, it doesn’t sound like it’s resolving to the tonic and it throws me off.  I think this minor confusion (no pun intended) is blocking me from recognizing the fingering pattern that’s there.  I’ll just need to focus a little better I guess.
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