Successfully kicked-in-the-ass

Well, it’s now Wednesday and I have successfully practiced a minimum of 30 minutes (including tuning time) every day for eight days in a row.  This is rather an accomplishment for me and I’m hoping to increase that daily time period, even if it is broken out into multiple practice sessions.  I’ve been working for a week with the second Segovia scale.  It ascends in A major, but descends in A minor.  I’ve been struggling with the memorization and I think the modulation has a part in that.  When I get to end, it doesn’t sound like a resolution to my ear and I’m used to thinking of scales as resolving to the tonic.  This scale does resolve to the tonic, but it sounds "wrong" to my ear, so part of my brain wants to find the correct resolution.  The pattern is difficult for me to remember as well, although this morning I almost had it down on the third run-through.  I need to keep on these scales and I also need to keep developing repertoire.  I’m not going to tackle anymore of the Tarrega studies for a while.  I’ve been practicing #’s 1 & 2 and they are improving a little bit.  I filmed them both Sunday morning when I filmed the latest video I sent to Scott (finger independence) and I compared that performance to the first and second videos I filmed of those two pieces.  From the first one to the second one on each piece there is a noticable improvement in the smoothness and the technical aspect of both.  From the second to this most recent (third) video, they both show about the same technique (that’s what happens when you don’t practice more than two or three days a week for a month), but the tone is so much better.  Since tone is the current focus of Scott’s lessons, I’m pretty happy that it is showing itself in repertoire – what little solo repertoire I have, that is. 
I need to start practicing my electric guitar soon and getting Charlie’s lessons started.  He’s going to be playing my Ibanez to start out.  I’ll probably get him his own guitar for Christmas if he sticks with it.  At least he’ll be learning on a decent instrument.
I applied to be a guitar teacher at one of the local music stores.  Cedar City Music Store and Studio advertised for a guitar teacher, so I went in and asked about it.  The woman I spoke with said that they have one teacher that only teaches on Saturday and another that will not accept students under age 14, so they are pretty open to whatever another teacher can bring to the mix and aren’t looking for anything in particular, necessarily.  She had me fill out an application and said they would call if they wanted to interview me.  That was two weeks ago, so I’m not holding out a lot of hope.  But just the act of applying for it was at least a first step for me.
The same day I answered the ad for a guitar teacher, I answered another ad for a guitarist in a local band.  I recognized the phone number in the ad as that of a friend of mine.  Rog Olcott is the front man for the band Muddy Boots.  Rog is not the most professionally minded guy to be in a band with, but I have the itch to perform again and I think I can handle Rog’s quirks because I know what I’m getting into ahead of time.  Also, with the relaxed attitude of that band, I would be able to ease into the role without too much pressure.  Unfortunately, they found someone already.  A guy from Hurricane.  Cest la vie.
The next time I see Spare Parts, if they invite me on stage again I am definitely going to accept.  I really don’t know why I didn’t accept the invitation last time.  I should have, but it didn’t feel right.  I’m in a different space about that now and I don’t think that feeling will be there next time.
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