Another day

I’m yet another day behind sending a video to Scott.  The finger independence exercises are not terribly difficult, but I’ve had some minor setbacks.  The weekend was eventful and busy, and the week preceding it was busy as well, so I didn’t take time out to sit with the camera.  I practiced, but I didn’t film anything, so I don’t have anything to send to Scott.
I was planning to make a video last night, but the power was out until 11:00.  I was in bed sleeping by then.  I woke up a little late this morning and Olivia was ready to start her day after I took her to the bathroom, so no video filming for me this morning either.
Groovefest was this last weekend.  I missed out on the guitar workshop they had at The Grind on Saturday.  Not a big deal, but it could have been fun.  Lisa and I were too tired Friday night to check things out then, and even if we weren’t, Marijane was in the ER with what we worried was a heart attack, but it thankfully turned out to be bad indigestion.
Saturday, I spent the morning under the house (again) replacing the other sillcock.  I’m probably going to have to go back under there again and finish putting some things back in place.
Then we met mom in St. George for lunch at Red Lobster.  After lunch we hit the mall.  For about two years now, I have only owned two t-shirts that actually fit me, the rest of my shirts that fit are the shirts I wear for work, and they just aren’t casual enough for a week of vacation.  At least in my opinion.  Or else they’re long sleeved and I don’t want to wear those in the summer.  So we grabbed three new t-shirts for me and then I even got a new pair of Vans since my current pair are starting to get some holes in them.
When we came back to Cedar, we went straight to Groovefest.  It was kind of late, so we only got to listen to three acts.  The first one was pretty good.  A band called 56 Hope Road from Chicago.  We only caught the last two songs of their set.  Then there was somebody filling in while they did the tear-down and set-up thing between bands.  I don’t know who it was, but they sounded pretty good.  It was enjoyable at least.
Then came the last act of the weekend (this being the last night of Groovefest – not counting the gospel thing they were planning on Sunday morning).  A band from Duluth, MN called Trampled by Turtles.  The write-up in the Groovefest program said they were a "non-traditional bluegrass" band.  Somewhere it said that they have been described as "The Ramones as a bluegrass band."  I didn’t see it.  They sounded about as traditional as any bluegrass I’ve ever heard and I sure as hell didn’t make the Ramones connection.  Bluegrass, for me, is one of those genres that I can respect as a musician, but I really don’t want to listen to very much as a listener; so let’s just say they didn’t end on a high note for me on a personal level.  I’m glad I didn’t completely miss out on it, though.
Sunday morning we started a movie while eating breakfast and, in her typical fashion, Olivia interrupted enough times that the 2-hour movie took 3.5 hours to watch.  Then we started cleaning the house in preparation for D&D (and because the house needed some cleaning so badly).  D&D started late because I was so busy cleaning that I didn’t get around to getting ready for the game until after most of the players were there to play.  Lisa was wonderful (as always) and made corndogs for anyone who wanted them.  It turned out to be a pretty good game session, but after it was over I had no energy left for filming my video.  Then I woke up late on Monday morning, so no filming then either.
And so, here I am, at work on a Tuesday morning, a week late for sending a video to Scott, and I still don’t have the video to send him.
The story of my life, I’m afraid.
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