Balance Exercises for Phase II

Well, I’ve been working the balance exercises for Scott, but it is not going too well.  I still have trouble reading music, so a couple of these are really throwing me.  I am finding that sometimes I am focusing so hard on getting the right notes that I forget to do the balancing part. 
On the day I was planning to finally film my first balancing video (I say first because I’m sure I will need more work on this), I ripped my i fingernail into the pink while working outside.  And I was even wearing gloves.  Then there were other technical difficulties involving the computer, camera and available time; so it was two days later before I finally got it filmed.  Then I sent it to Scott.  Three days later he had not responded so I emailed him.  He had not seen it, so I tried sending it again.  This time I got a notice that it could not be sent because it was too large.  That would have been nice to get the first time I sent it.  
More computer difficulties caused two more days to go by before I could edit it down and send it as two parts, but I did that.  Now it’s a couple of days and I’m going to have to nudge him again.
But this music reading thing bugs me.  I spend as much time as I can spare with my guitars, but there isn’t enough left over after doing the stuff that needs to be done to work on my reading.
As I’m growing out my i fingernail, I’m noticing that my m fingernail keeps growing this hook that gets caught on the strings.  Actually, I’ve been aware of this for months now, but I still haven’t found a good shape/length combination for that finger.    
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