Certified Quality Auditor

Well, I’m not sure that I’ll get the auditor position that I really want.  I heard a rumor that another guy is going to get it, Jay in the lab.  If he gets it, it’ll most likely be because they want to get him out of the lab because he causes more trouble down there than he’s worth.  Pretty shitty if you ask me, but oh well.
I’m still going to pursue it.  I’m enrolled in a course through the American Society for Quality to become a Certified Quality Auditor.  The course is web-based and self-paced, so it’s good for me.  I’m planning to spend a couple of hours a day on it. 
So far I’ve only taken the pre-test and started reading the book for the first module.  The instructions say that you need a minimum 80% score on the post-test to pass the course and the pre-test is just a beginning benchmark to show where you need to focus your studying.  I got a 78% on the pre-test, so I’m feeling pretty good about my ability to pass the course and do well on the actual certification exam.  I’m hoping that Jay isn’t doing this so that I can have something that stands out.  I’ll be pursuing other courses for as long as the company is willing to pay for them under the guise of "professional development".  In my current position there are a lot of ASQ courses that would be beneficial to both my current job and the pursuit of the auditor position.
Anyway, we’ll see what happens in about a year when they post for the job.
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