Happy Birthday to Me ;)

Well, happy birthday to me.  Another milestone, turning 40.  Kind of don’t really care, though.  I’ve never been too obsessed about my age, at least not since I finally turned 21.  That was the last milestone that meant anything to me.  The rest are just a way of tracking how long I’ve been at this life thing.  My personal belief is that you are only as old as you feel, and I don’t really ‘feel’ any particular number age, I just feel like I am me – and that’s all I need.

Today’s not such a great day since I have to work and I’m dog-dead-tired.

Anyway, birthday celebrations coming next week, starting with an appearance as an audience member at the 4th Annual Tombstone Tribute!  Who knows, maybe a chance will come up for me to jam on stage with some old friends – you never can tell about these things.

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