Music Careers Mentoring Program

Well, last June I was in Portland.  I think I blogged that already.  Anyway, one of the guys I was sharing an apartment with in the dorms on the Lewis & Clark campus there was Trevor Darmody.  Not only was Trev the only person besides me that is primarily a rock player (all the rest are primarily classical players), but he and I have very similar tastes in rock music.  Trev told me about this program he was involved in with a guy named Tom Hess.  When I got home I checked out Tom’s website, but it didn’t feel like the right time for me then.
Well, last week Trev and I are discussing some things in email and he brings up Tom Hess again.  I go back to the website and look a little deeper, specifically into the Music Careers Mentoring Program (MCMP), which is what Trev is involved with.
Wow.  Why didn’t I jump on it back then?  Well, it turns out to be just as well.  The next MCMP group won’t start until January.  Long story short, I’ve signed up for guitar lessons from Tom Hess and I’ve pre-registered for the MCMP, hoping to be chosen for it.
I am determined to create a gutiar teaching practice that will provide a source of income for my family.  I want to teach guitar more than anything.  The trouble is, I can only handle a small number of students while I have a "day job", and that day job is not as rewarding as it once was.  If I didn’t have the day job, I could spend more time on my teaching and playing and still be able to spend time with my family.  It is the best of both worlds.
To that end, I’ve redesigned my teaching flyers.  I decided the original one with the acoustic guitar was a good design, but needed some different wording.  Also, it seems to me that several prospective students might not be attracted by the acoustic guitar design if they want to learn how to rock.  So I came up with the electric guitar design to solve that problem.  I’m going to be posting these two all over town now.
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