An Evening With Chris Proctor

Ok, so I’m in the music store the other night.  My student had to cancel earlier that day, but I wanted to check in and replace my old flyer there with my new design (which is going to change yet again – thanks Sharon and Donna and Trev!).  As I’m looking at the buletin board, there’s a poster I hadn’t seen before advertising a concert that Saturday night, “An Evening With Christ Proctor”.  I’ve heard Chris Proctor’s name before, but had not heard his music.  But my heart nearly stopped because I couldn’t believe that a nationally known artist was going to give a solo guitar performance in Cedar City!  I had to go.  Lisa wasn’t interested in going to see some guy she’d never heard of (which is just as well because someone has to stay home with Olivia), but at first Charlie and Annie thought it sounded like fun.  Annie decided she just wanted to stay in after all, and Charlie was lured to a friend’s house, so I went alone.  I just couldn’t miss out on this.

For those who don’t know, Chris plays finger style, but not classical.  I don’t know that I’d exactly call if folk, but he has some very strong blues influences.  It was a really fun concert to just sit and listen.  He played a 12-string and two six-strings that were in different tunings (he explained that since he wasn’t flying he brought along a second six-string so he wouldn’t have to mess too much with tunings between songs).

His compositions took great advatage of the musical range a guitar has to offer, his tone was beautifully rich, and he did something I didn’t expect.  On a couple of songs he used an e-bow for some great effect.  It was a really interesting sound to hear the e-bow notes played over a melody that he picked on the lower strings.  Quite possibly the most unique thing I’ve ever heard on acoustic guitar.

And he used a different kind of finger pick that I think I’ve seen, but never looked very closely at before.

Makes me wonder if these would help me with my hooked nail problems. 😉

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