Join me for the ride

Almost nine years ago, after my third child was born, I found that I missed my guitar more than I had previously realized.
I missed how I felt when I played.
I missed how it felt to be on stage in front of an audience that was not only enjoying the music, but had actually made time in their schedule and paid an entrance fee to listen to my band.
I realized that the best things in my life (my wife, Lisa, and through her – our children) were in my life because of my playing the guitar.  Somewhere along the way, I lost sight of how much playing music meant to me.  I blame Lisa for blinding me by being so wonderful that it took more than 10 years for me remember my guitar.  But I did begin to remember the things about it that I loved and now missed.
Now, don’t get me wrong here.  Lisa and the kids are still my reason for being.  Playing music used to be my reason for being, but that changed when I realized, one day, that I wanted Lisa to be my wife and life-long companion.  But it still ranks up there near the top of the list.
Anyway, At the end of 2007 I joined an online community unlike any other I had been part of before.  I became a member of the ranks of musicians that are students of Mr. Tom Hess.  By the time I found Tom, I had been studying guitar teaching methods for about three years.  My two main mentors up to that point were Donna Zitzelberger and Trevor Darmody, Trevor being the one that introduced me to Tom’s website.  Adding Tom to my list of mentors that fall, as well as Scott Kritzer and Perfecto De Castro, I felt like I was finally going to be able to get my just beginning gutiar teaching business off the ground.
There have been a lot of ups and downs in my life since then, but I’ve been determined enough to stick it out with Tom’s Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle program and the Music Careers Mentoring Program to keep my eyes on the goal, even as I pushed it further away because of my own lack of vision.
But this blog is not about beating myself up or critisizing my own failings.  I’ve done enough of that in the past year to fill a life-time.
This blog is where I’m going to chronicle my journey as a professional musician and guitar teacher, starting with my current situation of spending more time at my "day job" than I do on my music, and going as far as I can get before the end of this life (and maybe into the next one, too).
I’d love for you to join me for the ride, and let’s make some memories together. 😀
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