Beginning A New Phase

Today I woke up, after my week-long attitude adjustment.  I got up on the first alarm ring (a true rarity for me), and felt quite rested, despite only getting 6 hours of sleep (I know some of you function quite well on 5 or 6 hours — I don’t function well on less than 7).  I manged to read through an entire newspaper (another rarity for me), or at least the articles that I was interested in.  When I finished the daily requirements for getting dressed for work, making my lunch, and the domestic chores that I choose to take care of before I leave in the morning, I found myself with 20 minutes to kill while I waited to turn off the sprinklers (yes, I have a timer, long story, don’t ask).
So I sat down by the sliding glass doors and played my classical guitar.  As I was playing, I looked out the doors to the horizon, and was greeted by a very pretty sunrise.  I’m almost always up before the sun to get to work on time, but I rarely have the chance to just sit and enjoy the sunrise because I’m usually either driving, or sitting in my windowless cubicle.
Today was not much more productive at work than the last several weeks have been; but my attitude was so much better than it’s been, that I still ended up feeling pretty good about the day.  At home, after dinner I sat down and started sorting all the piles of crap in my computer/office area.  I didn’t get anything filed in a permanent home, but I did get everything off the floor that doesn’t belong there, sorted it into groups that make sense, and even shredded a whole bunch of papers that I just don’t need hard copies of.
Today was the start of a new attitude and a new phase in my life, and it was a very good day. 😀
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