Life Delays

Well, obviously, Part 3 of my story is a bit delayed.  If you’re curious, it is planned to be 5 parts.  I’ll be resuming that in a day or so.
In the meantime, I’ve been very busy dealing with some water damage in my home.  And on top of that, our new kitten is not as healthy as we would like.
My son and one daughter are at their grandmother’s house, and the other daughter is at her friend’s house, because the girls’ bedroom is not livable in its current state.  The water leaking inside the wall went un-noticed until it caused a problem.  Thankfully the source of the leak has been identified.  But I can’t get in there to fix it yet, because there is a cahnce that not all of the damage has been located yet.  Fixing the leak, only to have the leaking line removed in teh search for more water damage, seems a little counter-productive right now.  So in the meantime, I sit and wait and do nothing to improve the situation, because I can’t do anything yet.
But the clean-up crews have come and removed some of the damage.  I want the fans and de-humidifiers out of my house.  I want the damage repaired and I want my daughters to have a safe, warm place to sleep that is in the same house I’m in.  I don’t care if I have to do the work myself, as long as I know that all the work necessary is getting done.
But mostly, I want my life to move forward without all this crap getting in the way any more.  And yet, I’m stuck at work because company policy prohibits me from taking time off to take care of this kind of thing.  Stupid "day" job.
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