A New Life Is Taking Hold

The new chapter in my is starting to unfold, now, and it’s great!

Today will be my second day in the classroom at Snow College, and we’ll be doing more than just introductions – I’ll actually get to teach something! Although it isn’t teaching guitar, it’s a lot closer to that than my old job was. I know it’s still new, but I already have so much more in common with the personalities that I work with here. Don’t get me wrong, I made some wonderful friends at my old job, but when every person you come in contract with seems to genuinely care about you and what you’re thinking and doing, it makes for a very pleasant work environment.

But, speaking about guitar teaching, last night’s lessons were awesome! All for of the students I saw last night showed significant improvements, and I’m extremely proud to say that they are my students! This actually happens quite often, when I think about it now, but I’m not always as aware of it as I was yesterday.

I’m looking forward to having more days like that!

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